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​My Incredible Creation


2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of the birth of the first IVF baby, Louise Brown in Oldham, England. In the late 70s, IVF didn’t yet have the profile it does today and new techniques were developing all the time. The first babies were known as ‘test tube babies’ in spite of the fact they were conceived in a Petri dish. Since Assisted Reproductive Technology became available, it is estimated that there have been 5 million IVF births. So that leads us to ‘My Incredible Creation’. This is a book for a new generation of children who want to know where they came from.
This is a story that helps de-mystify IVF. Using real terms but doing so in an accessible, humorous and simplified way, ‘My Incredible Creation’ will help adults approach the topic with children in a positive way. It will leave children feeling empowered about their origins and help them understand what little miracles they are.


“Finally a book that can explain my children's conception story! I have always been open and honest with my children about how they came to be, and this book supports their understanding with words that they will understand, and clear definitions for those that they will not. Thank you so much Jen and Julian for writing this book to remind me of the process that brought me my twin miracles." - Laura Pearce - President of the Westgate Multiple Births Association

"Informative and entertaining, My Incredible Creation is perfectly pitched for parents to read to children who ask ‘where did I come from?’ in a post-IVF age. The gentle humour is paired with accurate facts and lovely collage artworks to create a beautiful picture book for curious young minds.” – Eva Mills, Publishing Director – Books for Children & Young Adults, Allen & Unwin


“Jen and Julez, what a fantastic book. Congratulations!”  - Nicole, Book Retailer

I loved this book! Not only is it stunningly illustrated in a colourful, retro-style, it is cleverly written in child-friendly rhyme. My Incredible Creation is a sensitively engaging factual story of a family’s journey to have a baby through the IVF program.   It’s modern, humorous, informative, perfectly paced and explanatory. The user-friendly glossary helps explain some of the scientific words. This endearing, lovingly-made creation is a gem of a debut book by the Duband family. An absolute winner! - Sara, Primary School Librarian


"As a mother and a professional working in the IVF field, I highly recommend this book. It will greatly assist parents with IVF conceived children to explain where they came from, and how much their families wanted them. This book is well written in the way young children can understand.” - O. Zamel, registered nurse

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