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Jen Duband

For me, ‘My Incredible Creation ‘ merges together my passion for books, creating art, telling stories and my experience as a Kindergarten Teacher.


One of my favourite childhood memories, is borrowing books from the local library and pouring over them, drawing similar pictures and using my imagination to make up new stories. My tertiary studies reflected these early passions as I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art, and later a a Postgraduate degree in Early Childhood.


However, it was not only my experience in art and with children that led me to develop this book. ’My incredible Creation’ is part of my own personal journey, which initially I expressed through art and then developed further. It’s an important story to share, especially with children who were not conceived in the natural, conventional way. I realised that one day my husband and I would need to explain the process of IVF to our children and tell them how they were created. We wanted our children to be able to understand the process of how they were conceived with the extraordinary help of Science. We wanted our children to feel confident and empowered in their story and to be able to ask questions about a subject which is sometimes still not spoken about openly. Thus, a children's book explaining all this seemed to be the perfect way to begin.


Our aim is for families to read this book together and have open discussions around the story, enabling adults to share their own journeys with their child/children if required. We have included a lot of ‘real words’, using the correct terminology to ensure an honest and respectful telling of the story. The glossary is designed not only to explain the terms but to be a provocation for further curiosity and to assist children in asking questions and engaging in ongoing dialogue. However, ultimately, our intention is for children to fathom the incredible miracle of their own creation and feel confident about who they are and how they came to be in the world.

Julian Duband


In my life’s journey thus far, music has been at the core of everything I have done and achieved, either as a teacher, a performer, director or a composer. However, in my early teens, I discovered that I was also drawn to the written word. There was a particular poem I wrote for a subject called ‘Creative Writing’ for which I received an A+ and a wonderful comment. I remember an incredible feeling of satisfaction and pride in that piece of work.


When I sit back and read ‘My Incredible Creation’, I feel the same kind of pride now, as I did then. My passion for creating rhyming words developed alongside my music and over the years I wrote four stage musicals and numerous songs. I was not only a composer but a lyricist as well.


This children’s book has seen me further explore my love of words but this time, without music as the guiding force. It’s been very rewarding and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of not only collaborating with my wife, but also writing for a young audience with the hope that this new creation will help an emerging generation of IVF children come to understand the origins of their incredible creation. 

Photo of Jen and Julian Duband courtesy of andrew@andrewjmorley.com

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